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Do you need to replace your SmarTrip card?
Mar 17, 2022

Union Brothers and Sisters, 

This information below will explain how you can tell whether or not you need to replace your SmarTrip card. Metro made changes to the fareboxes you swipe your card on, and some cards don't work anymore.  There are contact #s for DCHR and WMATA if you need any assistance in checking and/or replacing your card. 

It has been brought to our attention that metro has update their SmartTrip cards. Please share the following with your members on how they can obtain a new card and transfer their existing benefits from their old card to their new SmartTrip card. Please visit for additional information.  

Metro is installing new faregates at rail stations and will begin upgrading fareboxes on Metrobuses in the fall. This investment in new technology means a faster, more efficient and reliable experience for you. As a result, beginning March 1, 2022, SmarTrip cards purchased before 2012 will no longer work and must be replaced.   

If you’re using SmarTrip in your mobile wallet, you’re all set - just tap and go.

To accommodate customers SmarTrip card replacements, the Metro Center Sales Office hours of operation have been extended to 8am – 3pm Monday – Friday until further notice.  The sales office is located at Metro Center Station - Enter at 12th & F Streets, NW Washington, DC 20005.

Step 1: See if Your Plastic Card Needs to be Replaced.

Check the back of your card. If you don’t see a set of numbers that begins with 0167, you must replace your card.

Step 2: Take Action if Your Plastic Card Needs Replacing.

Have You Registered Your SmarTrip Card to Preserve Your Balance?

Please register your card to ensure your balance stays protected. If you prefer not to register your card, be sure to take a picture or make a copy of the back of your card to note the serial number before proceeding.

Register Your Card

If you are not currently riding Metro and don't have SmartBenefits on your card:
Don’t need your card? Replace your card using the online balance transfer process or mail us your SmarTrip card to have the balance transferred to a new card.
We'll mail the new card to you within 10 business days to use in the Metro system. Download the Form Here
PDF Icon to get started.

If you are actively using the Metro system:
Transfer your balance to an eligible SmarTrip card or request a new card here.

If you currently have SmartBenefits on your SmarTrip card:
SmartBenefits participants cannot transfer balances using the mail-in or in-person process. Please use our online balance transfer process to replace your first generation SmarTrip card.

If you need further assistance, see below for our Frequently Asked Questions or call SmarTrip customer service: 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874).

Step 3: DCHR – Register your card with DCHR Benefits

Once they have their new cards, they can register their new cards via e-mail at to have their future funds added properly. Once they have registered with DCHR, they can load their monthly benefit at the metro station, which is no change.

For further assistance please contact:


Phone: (202) 442-7627


SmarTrip customer service: 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874).

100 M Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

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