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From the beginning of the pandemic, medical and disease experts told us we needed three things to get past COVID and keep people healthy- getting a vaccine, wearing a mask, and social distancing, As the number of people getting and dying from the COVID Delta strain have started to shoot upward again, Mayor Bowser seems to be forgetting the key element of keeping people away from each other to prevent exposure. The Mayor held a press conference on Tuesday proclaiming that all District employees must be vaccinated or get weekly tests and wear masks in District buildings. NOT ONE WORD was uttered about social distancing, about the life-saving measure of keeping people separated to prevent contracting and spreading this deadly disease. 

Experts say that a vaccine is not enough. Vaccinated people can still contract and spread COVID, including the more contagious Delta strain. 

Forcing workers back to their offices (for no other reason than to please the business and restaurant lobbyists) and denying telework options in this time of continued crisis puts thousands of employees and their families at risk. 

Tell Bowser vaccines and masks are not enough! Sign and share the petition and make sure it gets signed by everyone you think could be affected.

Download: universoul.jpg

Sign the Petition!

Brothers and Sisters, please read, sign, and distribute widely our petition to save and expand telework for DC employees!  COVID never went away, but the bosses are demanding we go back to "normal", despite the danger that poses to employees and our families. For WHAT reason??  Let your voice be heard as we start this fight for the right to a safe workplace! 

Click HERE to go to the petition and sign TODAY!!  

Members: As many of us return back to our offices and desks, it's absolutely necessary trhat we stay vigilent and make sure the District and our individual agencies are adhering to the safety guidelines for spacing of workspaces. Keep these guidelines in mind when returning back.  If you see ANYTHING that's potentially unsafe or doesn't follow the guidelines in the DC Return to Work document, go to your MANAGER IMMEDIATELY and make sure the situation is rectified.  The Local is doing all it can to inspect worksites and respond to health and safety issues, but when it comes to your immediate safety, report to your management ASAP as well as letting your shop steward know!  

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Click here for the James Ivey Scholarship application

Click here for the Andrew D. Washington HBCU Scholarship application

Local 2401 Members and Friends: Please sign this petition ASAP and share it with others, especially on social media. This is a disgrace and also 100% unnecessary! Let's stand in solidarity with DCPS librarians and all workers who are facing losing their jobs. Remember, YOUR job could be next unless we show our strength and stop this now!  Click HERE to sign the petition. 

Services will be livestreamed Friday at 11:00 to send off AFSCME District Council 20 Executive Director Andrew Washington.

MLK in his own words. Get a free download of this poster HERE 

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